Editions in the Classroom: Approaches to Engaging Students and Teachers

Date: Friday, May 31 from 2:00–3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Cost: Free

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Are you thinking about how your edition could be used by students or teachers, but you’re unsure how to plan for or cultivate these audiences? Join eLaboratories for a 60-minute webinar on Friday, May 31 at 2:00 PM EDT that explores different approaches to engaging teachers, as well as students of all ages.

Featuring Gwen Fries (Massachusetts Historical Society; Adams Papers Project), Dr. Cathy Moran Hajo (Ramapo College of New Jersey; Jane Addams Papers Project), and Dr. Lindsey Peterson (University of South Dakota; Civil War and Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi), the webinar will begin with an overview from each presenter detailing the events and resources they have developed to foster a community of student and teacher users. They will then identify key takeaways for engaging these audiences by comparing their experiences in a short group discussion.

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